A perfect overview with 3V ROOMS



Always stay in the picture of current bookings using the digital signage solutions offered by 3V ROOMS.



Realise your multi-channel solution with perfectly integrated services by third-party providers using the latest interfaces.

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Digital signage solutions by 3V ROOMS support you with well thought-out functions for space optimisation.

Meet your clients and keep them informed

Whether you need an information screen, a welcome screen or a digital door sign, 3V ROOMS offers a wide range of digital signage solutions. From personal client communication, via efficient information of your employees, through to optimised cooperation with service providers: we offer you well thought-out solutions, which will support you in the optimisation of your areas, designed to meet your needs.

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Many functions for interactive communication with visitors

3V ROOMS offers a range of useful solutions, including On Site ROOMS (the interactive digital door sign), Welcome ROOMS (the welcome screen), or info-screens. All of these provide opportunities for direct, modern means of communication and interaction and improve your representative status. Various well thought-out functions used in conjunction with 3V ROOMS also support you in making the most efficient use of your space.


3V ROOMS Presentation

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Questions about 3V ROOMS

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