Facility Management


Space optimisation

Optimise the use of expensive office space and keep operating and management costs low with 3V ROOMS.


Process security

3V ROOMS supports booking and notification processes, cuts out periods of inactivity, and increases the use of infrastructure.



3V ROOMS provides usage data about infrastructure, resources and services and gives you the basis for making management decisions.

Improved productivity and work quality with 3V ROOMS

Keeping operational and management costs low is the goal of facility management. Space optimisation offers a large potential for optimisation. 3V ROOMS supports facility management, for example through modern tools like sensors. Rooms will automatically be released for further use if they are booked but not occupied. Expensive areas are utilised to best effect. 3V ROOMS ensure you can always keep control of the booking and notification processes. This prevents periods of inactivity for housekeeping and catering.

Important functions for facility management

3V ROOMS supports facility management to make sufficient resources available, to configure catering and service provision services efficiently, and to plan future space requirements based on facts.

<h2>Wichtige Funktionen für das Facility Management</h2> <p>3V ROOMS unterstützt das Facility Mamagement dabei, genügend Ressourcen zur Verfügung zu stellen, Catering- und Dienstleistungsprozesse effizient zu gestalten und künftigen Flächenbedarf faktenbasiert zu planen.</p>


3V ROOMS Presentation

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Questions about 3V ROOMS

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