Hospitality with 3V ROOMS


Visitor management

3V ROOMS supports workflows so that visitors are received efficiently and can be directed to the correct place.


Catering & services

The right quantity at the right time in the right place. Child’s play with 3V ROOMS.


Digital Signage

Booking details displayed on electronic door signs or welcome screens in line with corporate identity and design.

Look after guests perfectly with 3V ROOMS

Ensure an inviting, efficient and professional reception, coordinate internal and external service providers, and maintain a permanent overview of all upcoming bookings. A completely normal day in the world of hospitality. 3V ROOMS provides support with work flows, process controls and automated notifications so that you are always on top of the situation. Using digital signage not only makes things easier for employees but presents the image of a modern, well-organised business.

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Important functions for looking after visitors professionally

The definition of different services brings significant added value to the management of rooms and resources. Using 3V ROOMS you can book the required catering or other services at the same time as making the room reservation.

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