IT Landscape of 3v Rooms



Book easily using the Outlook plugin with full bidirectional interface between Exchange and 3V ROOMS.



The user-friendly design of 3V ROOMS means that user training is not required and requests for support are minimal.



3V ROOMS is scalable due to its multi-client capability, load balancing and database clustering.

3V ROOMS offers simple integration with a high degree of scalability.

3V ROOMS can be seamlessly embedded into the existing IT landscape. A fully bidirectional interface with Microsoft Exchange enables all employee calendars to be kept up to date. The REST-API allows 3V ROOMS to communicate seamlessly with digital signage solutions. Cooperation is made easier by the control of Tandberg / Cisco video conferencing systems, including calendar views that take account of time zones. Costs can be transferred directly to SAP, for example.

Scalability provided by load balancing and DB clustering keep GARAIO ROOMS operational and reliable, even with several thousand end users.

Convincing functionality

3V ROOMS offers a range of interfaces, for example with Outlook, telephone and access systems, web services, a text import into SAP and a connection to Active Directory. 3V ROOMS does not provide an isolated solution, but an open software application which can be well embedded into the collaborative environment of today’s company structures.


3V ROOMS Presentation

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Questions about 3V ROOMS

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