Versatile and open interfaces with 3V ROOMS

3V ROOMS does not provide an isolated solution, but an open software application, which can be well embedded into the collaborative environment of today’s company structures.
3V ROOMS can be integrated as an additional piece of software into existing infrastructure with the goal of optimising the utilisation of resources and making processes more efficient. 3V ROOMS allows this to happen by making a range of interfaces available. Some examples:

• Integration with Outlook and Exchange
• Email notifications for catering and service providers
• Data exports to billing systems like SAP, ABACUS, etc.
• Loading of user details and group membership from the active directory
• Telephone control of booked resource
• Communication with access systems to allow access to the meeting room at the right time
• A REST-API (web services) allows the docking of other software solutions
• Organisation of video conferences in ROOMS using the integration with Tandberg Management System (TMS) by CISCO
• Publication of bookings for digital signage systems, like screenFOODnet, Grasfish, RUF, ScreenImage, etc.
• Sensors to automatically make rooms available or book them
• Data exports for further processing, statistics, MIS, data warehouses, etc.
• And much more



3V ROOMS Presentation

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Questions about 3V ROOMS

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