Value added by Outlook

Point Right


Organise your appointment, or group of appointments, simply and quickly with all associated resources using Outlook.



The advantages offered by 3V ROOMS are now also available to users of Cloud services.



Both Outlook and the app are always up to date, thanks to bidirectional synchronisation.

You can book the rooms you want with the appropriate equipment directly in outlook

The integration of 3V ROOMS with Outlook provides an integrated, ergonomic user interface through bidirectional interaction. If Outlook is already embedded within a company as an important work tool, 3V ROOMS makes work even easier. The user has at their disposal comprehensive search functions for existing reservations, extensive filter criteria for searching for appropriate rooms, and the integrated management of additional services.

Working efficiently thanks to the ergonomic outlook plugin and bidirectional synchronisation

3V ROOMS also proves itself to be a flexible, efficient work tool when used in combination with Outlook. The ergonomic plugin and bidirectional synchronisation enable the user to make bookings either directly from Outlook or via the web application. This means the user always has Exchange and 3V ROOMS resources available.


3V ROOMS Presentation

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Questions about 3V ROOMS

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