Smart working with 3V ROOMS

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Potential savings

High utilisation of work stations offers a significant potential for savings.

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Unified communications platforms mean you can work anywhere and remain connected.

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Smart office

A reliable booking system enables targeted, fast and automated room reservations.

3V ROOMS offers efficient tools for smart working

These days, smart work places must be planned in such a way that work scenarios determine room scheduling. A working environment that takes work requirements and new technologies into account means that the work place will become one that encourages innovation and achievement, which is important when competing internationally. 3V ROOMS allows intelligent systems to work in the background to take on the large organisational burden of new room concepts. Intelligent electronic aids can turn a simple office into a smart office, which can satisfy demands for ergonomics, functionality and cost efficiency.

Many firms have already recognised that desk sharing can be just one part of a general concept, and that they need to focus on the activities of employees. But how does this concept affect motivation, cooperation, communication and costs?
Desk sharing, new work, home office, mobile office, virtual office, fractal office, non-territorial office, satellite office, media space office, flexible working: there have been many attempts to package the different aspects of new working methods, forms of organisation and office concepts into a single term. One of the most successful is “smart working”. 3V ROOMS can offer support across the various areas of smart working.


3V ROOMS Presentation

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