3V ROOMS from a technological perspective

3V ROOMS is designed as a modern, robust web architecture, based on Microsoft .NET technology. It fully takes into account the importance of perfect integration into the Microsoft environment, in particular the interaction between ROOMS and Outlook or Exchange.

3V ROOMS is a data-centric web product, which can be operated independently of existing infrastructure. Smooth integration into existing system landscapes is achieved via the various open interfaces offered by 3V ROOMS. Integration into the Microsoft messaging environment is achieved via an add-in for Outlook and the Microsoft Exchange web services (EWS). An interface with Exchange resources is also planned.

3V ROOMS was developed using Microsoft technology, based on the programming language C# and the use of the Microsoft SQL server. The Internet Information Server (IIS) operates as web server on Windows server. Accordingly, ROOMS is based on an N-level architecture.

• Backend (DBMS) – Microsoft SQL Server
• Data Access, Persistent Layer (LINQ to SQL)
• Middleware (Business logic) – Microsoft .NET (MVC4, Structuremap, IoC, etc.)
• Presentation layer (GUI) – HTML, CSS, JavaScript

The web application is supplemented by an additional Windows service and database; consequently, a web server (IIS) and a database server (Microsoft SQL) are required for operation. The server applications can be operated on one or several physical or virtual machines (depending on the utilisation of the system). The location of the server (DMZ / Private NET) is not important, as long as the communication between them (.NET SQL connection over TCP/IP (Default Port 1433) and HTTP (Default Port 80), optionally HTTPS (Default Port 443)) is guaranteed. Databases can be scaled up using clustering and the web server using load balancing as required

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