Using 3V ROOMS you can book video conferencing remarkably simply and efficiently - covering various locations and all time zones.

Do you operate several rooms in different locations – maybe even internationally, fitted with video conferencing equipment? Would you like to be able to book these rooms simply, and with the certainty that the video conferencing will actually be activated on day X and that the connection between the systems will work? 3V ROOMS, in conjunction with the video conferencing system offered by CISCO (Tandberg), provides the ideal solution.

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3V ROOMS is compatible with the video conferencing system offered by CISCO (Tandberg).

The most important features are the bidirectional synchronisation, simple, elegantly resolved administration and technical communication, which are delivered by modern, robust protocols in the form of web services.

What does that mean for you as an administrator?

Video conferences with 3V ROOMS promise a straight-forward process. Once the web-address of the Tandberg system has been stored in 3V ROOMS, all you have to do is record the video conferencing equipment in 3V ROOMS and define in a single click that this is synchronised equipment. You can record the video conferencing equipment as mobile equipment, which can be used in any room, or assign it specifically to a certain room. If the equipment is specifically assigned you also have the option to define whether the room can only be used for video conferences, or whether it can also be booked for other purposes using 3V ROOMS. This would mean the VC room would immediately be available to your staff.

What does this mean for you as a client?

3V ROOMS is set up to enable you to select and book several rooms in different locations (taking account of various time zones) using only a few clicks from a calendar (or using a more advanced search and plan). Pre-defined filters allow you to search specifically for rooms that are equipped for video conferences. In 3V ROOMS, booked rooms are immediately and automatically synchronised with the video conferencing system.
Furthermore, 3V ROOMS guarantees the whole end-to-end process. If an internal contractor is required to set up the video conference in the room, or to prepare the room etc., they are automatically notified. If you would like the video conference reservation to also be added to your Outlook calendar, 3V ROOMS can do this for you automatically.
In general, all 3V ROOMS functions are available without limitation in combination with the VC function – so you can, for example, also order additional services, invite participants, etc.

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