Professional reception with 3V ROOMS



Simple, clear displays that give employees quick access to all relevant information.



Workflows and processes are supported to coordinate involved parties and get the work done quickly.



An oversight of visitors currently arriving, on the premises or departing enables you to always be in control of the flow of visitors.

Professional client reception

The reception area is the business card of any company. Visitors should be greeted in a friendly, prompt and competent manner. Many different strands come together here. Housekeeping, deliveries, internal and external visitors, catering and incoming calls need to be coordinated, often all at the same time.

3V ROOMS helps you to maintain control and oversight. Individually adjustable displays and lists, workflow and process support, and constant checking of visitors arriving, on the premises or departing, all make the hectic daily tasks of reception staff easier to manage.

Make your guest’s visit pleasant, safe and smooth

The first impression is the one that counts. How highly you value your guests is clear from how you greet them. Visitor management by 3V ROOMS helps you to welcome your visitors and to arrange their stay perfectly. You can obtain all necessary information in a few steps and get an overview at any point during the whole visit – from the moment the guests are met right up until their departure.

Various smart functions ensure that you can impress your visitors with professional, seamless delivery: During the guest registration process, reception staff will record the distributed visitor passes, and the host will be informed of their arrival within seconds. When necessary, digital signs can direct visitors to the correct rooms without interaction. Thanks to real-time notifications, all parties involved are kept informed if the planned order of events changes. Visitor details are always accessible in a transparent format to maintain the necessary controls over the flow of visitors and to ensure security.


3V ROOMS Presentation

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Questions about 3V ROOMS

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