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3V ROOMS is the software solution for optimising the search and reservation process for rooms and equipment. 3V ROOMS does much more than simply manage bookings. Automatic notifications to all relevant departments reduce errors and expense. The resources utilisation survey ensures scheduling is carried out cost-effectively. The information flow covers the whole process, providing an overview from the digital door sign to billing in third-party systems. All of this can be simply done using Microsoft Outlook and browser.

Specialists from IT, Facility Management and Hospitality believe 3V ROOMS is the right tool for saving time and money on secondary processes. End-users are impressed by its simplicity and range of functions.

A diverse array of functions for smooth room management with a wide range of services.

With 3V ROOMS you can simply incorporate room management, with all
the associated equipment and services, into your everyday work. The
definition of different services brings significant added value to the
management of rooms and resources. Using 3V ROOMS you can book any
of the services available during the room booking process.


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